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Dyson goes into EVs – another British ‘garagiste’?

Last week the news broke that James Dyson, who made billions from his top end vacuum cleaners, has admitted he’s invested £2.5bn in developing a new EV. This certainly got social media chattering excitedly, but if you burrow into the details it looks as if it will only be for…

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Electric jet flying taxi?

German technology company Lilium are developing the world’s first electric jet flying taxi that is designed to ferry people around cities without encountering congestion. The company has announced that the first unmanned test flights have gone well. We could well see these flying machines carrying passengers within the next five…

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Is ‘Peak Lithium’ coming?

People who are generally anti-electric cars have raised the idea that there may not be enough lithium to produce enough car batteries to meet demand. This would be like the idea of ‘peak oil’ where oil prices would rocket and fossil fuels too expensive for economies to use. Short answer?…

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Bookmycharge – the Airbnb for EV users?

One of the key issues affecting potential EV buyers is ‘range anxiety’. In short, with only 125-200 miles of range in an EV, how will you do a longer distance? Well, now there is an innovative new solution, which makes you wonder why nobody thought of it before. It is…

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Electric Vehicles took on Ultimate Street Car and won

This weekend (4-6 August '17) Tesla Rentals and ecarTestDrives raced out of their comfort zone and on to the drag strip at Santa Pod Raceway’s Ultimate Street Car event, to show modified petrol car fans what modern electric vehicles can do. The Tesla Model S P100D, owned and driven by David…

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The EV Revolution: PART 1

2017 will be known as the year that the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution became mainstream. Until very recently EV's have been the preserve of middle class. Across Europe the Americas and Asia, EV sales are starting to rocket as technology and infrastructure work together to make it perfectly normal to…

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EV charging points in Europe

On different EV forums, a question comes up rather a lot about where you can charge your car up when driving across Europe. In some countries, you don’t have to travel very far at all, while in others you may find one or two throughout the whole country. Let’s consider…

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Trump wants to change the weather!

Given the man’s ego and fondness of nutty ideas, when we say that President Donald Trump wants to change the global climate you’re probably thinking of King Canute saying he’ll hold back the water in the Wash, only to lose all his gold. Sadly this is a little more dangerous……

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How to Rent a Tesla in the UK

If you are thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle, then chances are that at some point you have thought about Tesla, and about getting behind the wheel for a test-drive. However, test drives can often limit you to a restricted time, and you cannot truly appreciate the…

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