How to Rent a Tesla in the UK

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If you are thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle, then chances are that at some point you have thought about Tesla, and about getting behind the wheel for a test-drive. However, test drives can often limit you to a restricted time, and you cannot truly appreciate the performance and pleasure of an electric vehicle in this short period.

The best way to test a Tesla is to rent one; meaning you can keep it for as long as you want and get a real feel for this beautiful car. But where should you go to rent a Tesla, how do you know if the price you are paying is fair and how far will you need to travel in order to find a dealer offering Tesla rentals?

Renting a Tesla these days is easy, thanks to the launch of a dedicated Tesla rental site However, it hasn’t always been that way. TeslaRentals UK founder and Ecopreneur Afeez Kay  (Afeez Alade-Kolawole) recalls the challenges he faced when he first started renting electric vehicles as recently as 2 years ago.

“Even in 2015, it was difficult to find rental companies that offered alternative fuel vehicles, and when I did, I was unsure if I was getting a fair price. There were times when I had to get a train out of London to pick up my Tesla rental car and then drive it back to London, which certainly wasn’t ideal, let alone cost or time-effective,” explains Afeez.

These personal experiences and the lack of Tesla rental companies in the UK drove Afeez to develop a solution to this issue in the form of the UK’s first dedicated Tesla rental price comparisons aggregator, teslarentals.ukThe site enables anyone in the UK to book and have access to a rental Tesla for as little as £120 per day, depending on length of rental. With delivery being available throughout the UK, and the maturing Tesla supercharger network, the site enables EV enthusiasts to try out an electric vehicle in more places than ever.

With a wide range of EV vehicles on offer, you may be wondering why Afeez has decided to make the rental price comparisons aggregator exclusive to Tesla?

The answer is simple: as an ecopreneur, he wanted to facilitate people’s ability to test electric cars, but also make sure that that all important first experience of EV driving was a special one, and this can only be guaranteed with the high quality drive and stunning performance that comes from the Tesla model specifically.

“Tesla doesn’t settle for mediocrity and is by far the industry leader, with a relentless drive for innovation and progress. Car buyers are notorious for choosing a car based on its styling rather than its environmental benefits. This is why Tesla have really spent time and focused their energies on creating strikingly attractive cars, with smooth performance, long range and incredible acceleration which far outshines that of fuelled vehicles.

Overall, Tesla do not compromise on quality and efficiency. They are not just aiming to be the best electric car, but the best car full stop. With this positive attitude, it is certainly exciting for our industry, and an attitude that helps with the quest to bring and make people fall in love with electric vehicles all across the UK,” explains Afeez.

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