The Best New Electric Cars Launching in 2017

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With the green tech sector continuing to develop at great pace, we explore some of the latest additions to the electric car market that have or will soon be coming to the roads this year.

Some of the major car companies are finally realising the potential and future of electric vehicles and have already begun altering their strategies to put electric cars at the center of their ranges. Volkswagen is even planning to invest $11.2 billion over the course of the next decade to drive electric cars to be 25 per cent of its total sales (CityAm, 2016). With Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes and Tesla all having electric cars in the pipeline, here are a look at some of the top new electric cars available in 2017:


Tesla Model 3:

  •       Range: 215 miles (At least)
  •       Price: £30,000
  •       Expected Launch date: late 2017

Tesla’s new Model 3 with autopilot hardware is shaping up to be their most affordable electric car to date, but is still pricey when compared with other petrol or diesel based family saloons. Nevertheless, this is a luxury electric car and is set to rival the likes of the non-electric BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-class, among others. The Model 3 is truly stunning and reflects Tesla’s ability to respond to consumer feedback and focus their energies on creating an electric car that is also strikingly attractive.

Refundable deposits of £1,000 are being taken now, but with initial production set to serve the United States market first, it is likely that drivers in the United Kingdom will not be able to get behind the wheel here until 2018.


Opel Ampera E:

  •    Range: 238 miles
  •    Price: starting from £35,000
  •    Launch date: TBC

The Opel Ampera E is based on its American equivalent, the Chevrolet Bolt EV. With an impressive range of 238 miles, this is being considered as the first truly affordable long-range electric vehicle. However, while it is expected to arrive national wide in June 2017 in the US and Europe, it is likely that the right hand drive version of this will not appear on Britain’s roads for some time.


Renault Zoe Z40 (aka Long Range Zoe):

  •       Range: 186 miles
  •       Price: starting from £13,995
  •       Launch date: available and on sale now

Winner of the What Car? Car of the Year 2017 (best electric car), the fully electric Renault Zoe is well deserving of a place in the best new electric cars of 2017. With an impressive 6 models to choose from, and a reasonable range, the Zoe amounts to a truly affordable and attractive EV, reflected by its What Car? Car of the Year Award honours.

With these new editions for 2017, this is certainly an exciting time for EV lovers. But the industry is not stopping there. 2018 looks set to be another great year with some stunning releases expected, including additions from Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes. It looks set to be worth the wait!


Hyundai Ioniq:

  •       Range: 174 miles
  •       Price: starting from £28,995
  •       Launch date: available and on sale now

Hyundai’s Ioniq has been on sale since late 2016 and is well priced, making it one of the cheaper fully electric cars after moving away from the combustion engine of the Hybrid version. So it’s affordable, if not exactly fast: it takes over 10 seconds for the Ioniq to go from 0-60. Though the claimed average 174-mile range is reasonable, it is not the best and may not be convincing enough for some considering that this is the maximum range, and may reduce in varying weathers.


VW E-Golf (aka longer range E-Golf):

  •    Range: 125 miles
  •    Price: starting from £31,680
  •    Launch date: April 2017

Volkswagen’s Golf is one of Britain’s, as well as the world’s most popular cars, the E-Golf has been available for some time now. However, just like the Renault Zoe z40, the longer range version is now being delivered to the UK shores. This is the first production of the Golf to be purely electric driven and it still features all of the classic elements of the family Golf. This is an exciting move for Volkswagen, and one of the first in its realignment to make electric vehicles 25 per cent of its total sales.



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