When can I get my hands on a Tesla Model 3?

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Now that production candidates for the Tesla Model 3s are now running around California, it is fair to say this is not a replacement for the Model S, and the Model S remains the best car Tesla is and will continue to produce, as Elon Musk stated recently on twitter.

We now have a clear idea of what the end product will look like when the car is released. Therefore if you like what you see, then you better get over to Tesla’s website  now and put your £1000 down to reserve it. To date over 400,000 have been pre-ordered and those who want one will have to wait at least a year after production starts later in 2017 or ‘soon’ after that.

Let’s look at the Tesla Model 3 and consider why this could be the best mass-produced EV on the market.


The looks


Let’s face it, this car is ‘S3XY’.  You and your friends will drool over what has got to be the best looking Electric Car on the market in this ‘affordable’ 35k price bracket.

While the looks of the Nissan Leaf’s and Kia Soul’s of this world screams ‘old lady’s car’ in your face (beauty is in the eye of the beholder), the Model 3 is better looking than most cars, never mind electric cars.



Performance? This is a Tesla…


The BMW i3 and the Chevy Bolt will beat most petrol cars in the traffic-light dash from 0-30 mph, but the Model 3 will leave them for dust.

The figures being bandied about for the 0-60 romp are ‘under 6 seconds’ which means that you’ll outrun all comparable all electric cars, but we at ecar test drives believe the top spec Tesla Model 3 will be a under 4 seconds 0-60 sec car, if Tesla wishes it to be.



Fun for all the family

For those who really want to show their cars off, whether on a tour of the fashionable country pubs/ bars in your area or just on the school run, this car will not disappoint. Tesla claim that it will sit five adults comfortably, so you can waft around the countryside or city in style and silence, with your friends getting ever-more envious as you whoosh them along.


Energy consumption/efficiency


While producing great performance and likely outrunning most petrol engined cars at the lights, the Model S is rated by the US Department of Energy at the equivalent of 101mpg on a gas powered car. While the official figures aren’t out on the Model 3, Elon Musk has said that you will be able to get more than 215 miles out of a single charge. Although the Chevy Bolt now has the crown for the 35k ‘affordable’ EV segment, with 238 miles range.


Supercharger network


The supercharger network is the trump card that Tesla has above other would be Electric Vehicle manufacturers. A reliable and fast charging infrastructure is vital if EVs are to take off.

While it won’t compete with the petrol pump (that’s another step for battery technology yet to be taken) it will improve the convenience of driving an EV. You can be assured the day will come when you can just plug it in for 10 minutes, but not for a while yet…




Safe, too!

The Model 3’s systems will be fully compatible with Tesla’s worldwide software-over-the-air upgrades, meaning you’ll get all the latest developments to the already excellent autopilot and automatic safety systems that are taking human error out of driving. It has a Euro NCAP rating of 5 stars.


Right hand drive?


And yes, the Tesla Model 3 will be available in right hand drive format.

This means that countries like the UK will not be forgotten, and you too can join in the stampede to get your mitts on one by summer 2018.





Now, how to get one?
Get your credit card out and put your name on the waiting list via the Tesla website. The sooner you do the sooner you will get it, but be warned it’s already too late to expect your Model 3 fix anytime soon.


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